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Fint sted dere har Smiler
By: Christina
Website: http://krokfoten.iblogger.no/
Date Friday 24th of May 2013 04:19 PM
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Startsiden http://www.mutter.no for deg som vurderer kjpe varmepumpe eller allerede har installert varmepumpe i boligen. Informasjon fra Mutter Varmepumpeforening.
By: Pawel
Website: the link is hidden by admin
Date Friday 29th of March 2013 03:42 PM
IP Address logged

nsker dere et riktig godt nytt r!
By: Ola
Website: the link is hidden by admin
Date Monday 31st of December 2012 06:03 AM
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har hatt noen fine dager her p bryggen.takker for oss,og ser frem til neste gang vi tar turen hit. Smiler
By: jan egil fagerli
Date Saturday 4th of June 2011 03:04 PM
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d va lite aktivitet i jsteboke..
By: aassved
Date Friday 21st of January 2011 12:55 PM
IP Address logged

heihei! trivele plass d der. ngg nyttj? Tilfreds
By: Frode
Date Monday 11th of May 2009 08:32 AM
IP Address logged

Fltt rorbu! liker spesiellt betongabeidet p brygga Gjeipe
By: Stian
Date Monday 19th of January 2009 11:18 PM
IP Address logged

Flott side, den vil selge
By: Kato
Date Sunday 7th of September 2008 02:56 PM
IP Address logged

Tusen takk for 2 fine dager p vernesbrygga. Var der i helga sammen med 9 kamerater og det var helt fortreffelig der. Neste tur ut dit blir med familien. Smiler Glad
By: Arve Fossen
Date Monday 18th of August 2008 09:01 PM
IP Address logged

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